How to Win Roulette

How to Win Roulette

A gamble on the spinning wheel, spell roulette for us. One of the most prominent members of the gambling lineage. Although from the looks of it, it may seem to be standing on a pedestal made of pure luck, but as they say, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. There is no denying to the fact that it is a luck-based game, but that’s just one of the many facets of this spinning wheel.

There are few lesser-known hacks that can turn the tables even for the ones who never play with luck at their side. We all know, fortune favors the bold, and playing roulette in itself is a testament of bold outlook, and with this guide, we will aid your bold endeavors, reach the shore of fortune. As for many, this game may be a gamble, but for us, we tilt it towards a well-calculated gambit.

So, get your bets ready as we are about to list a few moves that will swell your chances of going home rich. So, here they are –

The Keen Eyes 

The keen eye-Roulette

Playing blind here would literally term you as one. Liquifying those bucks at random numbers is equivalent to digging for gold until you get lucky. In short, use your instincts not impulse. Don’t just rush to the wheel, first try to perceive the play. Look around and understand the scenario. See if you can figure out any pattern. The golden words here – don’t dash to the table. Remember, you aren’t bound by any time constraints, so ease your shoulders and feel free to calculate the play before you play.

If you seek a more, let’s say tangible observation then you can begin by betting a very small amount, the lowest bet, so to speak, but not going on a betting spree at this point is advisable. Play on this single bet to evaluate the odds and frequencies of numbers, or at least get a rough sketch of it.

The final word of advice here – try to deviate from the “poorer but wiser” ideology, here, the “richer and wiser” works way better. To extend on this, the casino is no place to seek wisdom, but when it comes to riches, look no further, brother.

Observe The Odds

Observe the odds-Roulette

Next up, measure the odds. In the previous section, we talked about observing the play, nowhere, we put that observation at play. The red and black, the number frequency, the bets, we calculate all and every. We know, it feels more like a covert military op and less like a gambling exercise, but trust us, it’s for the better.

Here, we try to understand if anything forms a pattern that can help us get rich overnight. Measuring the number or color frequency is not a bad place to start. Although, we won’t regard our findings as to the ultimate truth, but trying to get a glimpse of a safe bet won’t kill the game.

As stated earlier, our focal point remains on discerning the frequency. Our prime agenda here is to figure out what numbers repeat more frequently and that goes with the color too. The black or red, which one to bet on. It’s obvious we are playing with something as uncertain as luck, but still, we try to build a certain ground for our play. Also remember, not to exhaust your intellectual stamina on calculating the odds, just give this strategy a thorough thought, not the entire whole night.

Begin The Bet

begin the bet-Roulette

Finally, we get to the betting table, but we still keep our curve towards wise play. Now, start your bets from the lowest, or in other words, the minimum bet. Just keep your shoulders relaxed, wear a slight smile and start from the lowest possible bet. A word of advice – don’t get too carried away by the ambiance.

There will be high bets or so to say sky-high bets. It’s natural in a gambling arena, but soaking too much influence from those high betting pitches could drown your entire game. Keep your ambitions hot, but mind cool. Again, just to serve as a reminder – start from the minimum bets.

Now, your bets should follow the code of uniformity. To explain it with an example, say you bet $1 and win, then your next bet should go till $2 or $3 if you are feeling lucky, but refrain from taking the liberty of drastically increasing the bet( say to $10 or if tequila was too strong, $20 – $50). Maintaining a steady flow with your bets could supplement your longer play cycle.

Win, Lose, Bet, Repeat – The Game Begins

Roulette game

The show must go on. If your game compass constantly points towards the losing direction, then it’s time you took a breather. This brief moment of pause is not the direct cousin of quitting the game. In other words, just leave that spinning wheel for a while before you dive back into it.

Now, it’s time to plan the win-lose scenario. There are prominent roulette strategies like the Martingale Strategy, Reverse Martingale Strategy, or if you are an OO7 fan, then James Bond Strategy. All of them provides a crash course on how to plan your bets in regards to your winning and loss ratio.

Let’s give a glance to these renowned roulette strategies, they might provide us with some important insights regarding this game –

Martingale Strategy – This strategy involves increasing the bet twice every time you lose. The idea is simple to comprehend, start your bet from the minimum, then go with the safe bets like, black and red, odd and even, 19-36 box, 13-18 box, and you get the idea. Next up, if you win then bet the same amount again and if you lose double the amount. In short, if you bet $1 and lose, then bet $2 in the next spin, lose again, then bet $4 this time and keep doubling the amount until you win or your pockets run dry.

Reverse Martingale Strategy – You could call it the “betting on favorite” technique. Here too, you start off with a very small wager and keep it constant or fixed until you win. Every time you win, double the bet. There is a bit more to this strategy. You have to bet on the same spot until the end of time. That means if you choose to bet on black or odd or any number, then you cannot shift your allegiance. You gamble on the same spot regardless of your winning or losing.

James Bond Strategy – This strategy can be summed up with the following info. –

Big bets on big numbers – $140 on 19-36 box

The just in case bet – $10 on 0( that’s zero exactly)

The medium-scale gamble – $50 on 13-18 box

Do we need to say anything? Maybe a little, just for the sake of a quick synopsis. Here you only lose when the ball hits the 1-12 box. We all know James Bond loves insurance, but this is an expensive one. No denying that the payout could be huge, but the investment is also high. You be the judge here.

These were some prominent roulette strategies in the gambling market. Just like we said, they all, in a way reshape your betting routine. It’s all based on your winning and losing scenario.

Pick Your Own Strategy 

Pick your own strategies-Roulette

Till now, we have gone through a lot of words of wisdom regarding how to bet on roulette and come out as a victor. Now, just keep in mind, even with a truckload of strategies and methods, we are still dealing with gambling here. So, no strategy can guarantee a sure-shot victory. We cannot completely rule out the luck factor. If it’s a gamble, then luck will surely play a significant part in it.

The bottom line is, you aren’t bound to blindly follow any strategy. You are free to mix and match all these techniques as you see fit, or you could completely design your own method. Whatever you pick, just add some faith to it. Chances are the method might not gain immediate momentum, so, in moments like these, just hold the hand of patience.

The other important thing you need to understand is that you should not follow a strategy because it worked well for someone else. Remember, that someone else is not you, so his win-loss ratio is completely irrelevant to you. Pick the method that suits your skin. In simple words, the strategy you think you can bank on. For you, the best strategy is the one that makes you rich.

Lastly, any strategy you make should involve some intellectual exercise. It should not be completely inclined towards the luck factor. Any method or means you employ should sound like a well-thought move.


Finally, we reach the concluding lines. In this guide, we tried to build a base a raft made of logic in the sea of luck.

Roulette no doubt is majorly based on luck, but not all of it is leaning on fate. There are a few tricks or hacks you could say, that help you better your odds at winning the spin. We also discussed some strategies that are widely followed like Martingale strategy, Reverse Martingale Strategy and James Bond strategy. Each had its own perks and flaws. In the end, they all are dependent on the preference of the player.

And lastly, we discussed the importance of opting your own strategy model. We learned that there is no such thing as a guaranteed win here, you can only plan your game to a certain extent. The best you can do is bet wisely and keep your head calm.

That’s all from this guide and hope you make good use of it while you hit that spinning wheel.



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